January 20, 2013

I was completely chuffed to discover this week that my  poem ‘Seeds’ is now in print and available for sale as part of The Best of Every Day Poets  collection on Amazon.  I’ve just ordered a copy to take pride of place in my bookcase. 🙂




Demonstration with Gina Wright

May 7, 2012

Tonight we had special guest artist  Gina Wright  along to Alloa Art Club.  Gina did a very interesting demonstration of working a still life in pastels and then the members had a go, inspired by the loose and fresh approach Gina had applied.  A big thanks to Gina for a fun and informative evening, I’m certianly inspired to try a few more.

Gina at work

our turn to have a go

my (not quite finished!) still life




March 27, 2012

My lovely tutor from the glass course has just sent me a photo of my handy work now that it’s set and all cleaned up.  I’m really thrilled with it and can’t wait to install it in it’s new home!

If you’d like to have a go, you can find out more about doing a New Fangled Glass Company course here.


Stained Glass Final Week

March 25, 2012

Sadly it was the final week of the stained glass making today.  It’s truly been a fantastic course and I’ve learned so much in the four sessions from design, glass cutting and leading through to soldering and cementing.  I wholeheartedly recommend giving one of the fantastic courses at Newfangled Glass Company a go.

Here are a few snaps from today, I will post a picture of the final piece in sunlight once it has fully set and had a final clean up.

The piece after soldering

The lead and glass are cemented together

The majority of the excess cement is cleaned away.


Stained Glass Week 3

March 18, 2012

Creating the lead framework proved quite a challenge this week, but I still had a thoroughly enjoyable day.   It really drove home to me the amount of skill stained glass artists have in being able to assemble very complex and intricate designs.

Fortunately I had a great tutor on hand , and with Jill’s help I managed to get most of the lead cut ready for soldering.  It still needs a few adjustments so that everything fits together tightly to make the panel strong and sturdy, but hopefully it will all come together in the final session next week.







Stained Glass Week 2

March 11, 2012

At today’s class we cut all the glass for our panel.  Our fantastic tutor Jill was on hand to give plenty of practical advice on how best to tackle each stage.  Most shapes were cut using an oil filled glass scorer and running pliers but I was also introduced to a special glass saw for working on some of the more complex parts.  Next stage will be to grind away all the rough cut edges before progressing to the leading.  I can see it starting to take shape now and can’t wait to get going with the next part.

For anyone interested to find out more, there’s a great video about Jill’s Glass here.

Here’s  a couple more pictures of my work in progress:



Stained Leaded Glass

March 4, 2012

I’ve just had an enjoyable morning at the first of 4 classes with The Newfangled Glass Company preparing my design for a stained leaded glass panel.

I took my inspiration from some antique tiles to complement the period of my house.  The course tutor Jill Conlan provided great advice on how to adapt and translate the source images into an original design which could be worked in glass and lead.  Jill was also fantastic in helping me to select the best glass to give the piece an authentic period feel, including some old decorative roundels which will be recycled in my panel.

Here are a few pics of my progress:

The original reference images of the antique tiles

Progressing the design, deciding where the lead framework will be placed

Beginning to select the colour scheme for the finished design


Newfangled Glass

December 10, 2011

I recently went along to a glass workshop run by Jill Conlan at The Newfangled Glass Company.  We had several hours of fantastic fun creating Christmas decorations and were shown a variety of basic glass techniques including cutting and grinding to create shaped glass for kiln fusing, painting with glass enamels and decorating with glass frits.  I highly recommend popping along to one of Jill’s classes, it was informative and interesting while being very relaxed and friendly.



International Exhibition at Resonate

October 30, 2011

There will be a private viewing for The International Exhibition at Resonate on Friday 4th November.  I have submitted a few works and would like to extend an invitation to the viewing to everyone who follows my blog either directly or through FB.  Full details are in this link: international invite.

Hope to see you there.




Artbound Opening Night

August 13, 2011

Last night saw the preview of the Artbound show at Resonate.  A huge thanks to everyone who came along to make the night a great success.  I tried to get a few pictures of the exhibition but had to give up pretty quickly as it was rather busy.  Here’s what I managed to capture at the beginning of the night.

No Complaint by Julie Broom

Angel by Jonathon Blake

Riot by Angela Beardsley

Guests begin to arrive